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Amabilis Bamboo rods

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Hand Crafted Bamboo Rods
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Fly FishingFor most people when they think of fly fishing they think of fishing for trout.  They think of waders, fedora hats and whicker creels.  Images come to mind of clear water, calm breezes, and rising fish.  Casting a delicate fly so lightly and precisely that it just floats down onto the water just as a real fly would fall.  They think of metal fly boxes and bamboo rods.  All of these images harken back to a time with this equipment was standard fare for an afternoon of fly fishing.

Old ReelsAlthough not many creels are used today and most fly boxes have changed to plastic, waders are still used (and thankfully gotten much better) and bamboo rods are still being made.  The age of graphite and boron rods was ushered in the 1970's but many people still like the action and feel of a split bamboo rod. Maybe it is the balance of the rods, how they casts, the feel of the bamboo, the the fact it is hand made or simply the nostalgia. Whatever the reason people still like a well made split bamboo fly rod.

Fortunately for us here in Indianapolis we have on of the finest split bamboo rod makers around.  Randy Fridlund of Amabilis lives right here in Indy and has been making fine quality spilt bamboo rods for years.  Made in the classic traditions of master rod builders, Randy pays close attention to every detail.  Weather you are looking for a Dickerson rod or a Leonard or a Payne, Randy can will make a wonderful rod that you will cherish for years.

Amabilis RodsAs well as recreating patterns of master rod makers Randy can custom build a rod for you and your casting and fishing style. Whether you want a different action to the rod or finish or hardware he can help make a rod that is matched to your fishing style and personality.

There are many different bamboo rod makers in the world, however few surpass the quality in craftsmanship and detail as Amabilis rods.  Many bamboo rods makers charge thousands of dollars for their rods.  The rods that Randy makes are moderately prices in the $400.00 to $800.00 range.

If you would like to learn more about these exceptional rods and the maker you can visit Amabilis on the internet or stop by the shop.  Randy has a very nice web site with many photos of rods that he has made as well as a slide show of photos showing how rods are made. 

Rod FerrelsAt the shop we currently have a number of Amabilis rods in stock for people to try out and purchase.  If you would like you can cast one here at the shop and find one you like and then contact Randy and he will use the rod as a base for your own.  As mentioned you can have custom hardware, handle, finish, wraps and even have extra tip sections made.

Also, if you have an old bamboo rod that is important to you Amabilis does restoration work as well!

Amabilis Rod Amabilis Rod