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The Drift « Enjoy the flow...

Oct 16

Latest A Tight Loop

The latest edition of A Tight Loop is now online. In case you were not aware there are Tigers in Utah. Plus, we have Oceans Inland that you can fish! Check it out, share with your friends and subscribe so you don't miss any issues. 
A Tight Loop, Fall 2013

Oct 15

2000 Percent ROI

With so many taxes and hidden fees tacked on to products and services these days it is difficult to know not only what your spending but where it is going. A recent study on "The Benefits to Business from Hunting and Fishing Excise Taxes" found that "On average, from 1955 to 2006, the sportfishing industry contributed $110 million in annual tax payments/import duties, but generated $2.3 billion in annual taxable equipment sales". Not too often a taxation program really works. Makes you feel better about paying a few more cents.
Posted By:  Ian Anderson

Oct 14

Southern Trout #9

The latest issue of Southern Trout is now out. 200 pages of southland trout fishing goodness.
Southern Trout #9

Oct 07

Kids Fishing in Sanibel

J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge and the "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society-Friends of the Refuge (DDWS) are co-sponsoring the second annual "Ding" Darling Kids Fishing Derby on Saturday November 9th, 2013. This is a chance for any kids, big enough to hold a fishing rod, to get out and catch some fish. Registration for the event begins at 8:30 a.m. on the causeway. Kids ages 15 and younger start fishing at 9 a.m. and finish at 11 a.m. The awards ceremony is at 11:30. It's all free and  a great chance to introduce your young ones to fishing.
Posted By:  Ian Anderson

Oct 01

November Tackle Trade World

The November issue of Tackle Trade World is out. Some exciting news on the horizon. It looks like Nano technology could be coming to a rod near you. Plus, FLW has banned umbrella rigs in it 2014 Walmart fishing tournament. 
These are couple noteworthy items in the 84 pages of fish industry news. Always an interesting read.
Tackle Trade World, November 2013

Sep 28

Orvis Podcast Interview, Deeters Carp Tips

Beaver Island CarpTom Rosenbauer at Orvis recently interviewed Kirk Deeter for his top Ten Tips For Carp. This one you do not have to read though. It is a podcast. All you have to do is sit and listen. Maybe yell at your computer every now and then but mostly sit, listen and enjoy. Take note so you can improve your rubber lip hook ups next time you chase the golden bones.
Posted By:  Ian Anderson

Sep 27

Enter Dun, The Magazine

Add another great fly fishing electronic magazine to the list of publications you will frequent. This past week Dun magazine was launched. Jen Ripple is the editor in Chief and she has produced a new sort of fly fishing magazine. This one is all written by women and for women. Which, if you ask me is way overdue.
This first edition is a big one. There are 140 pages of fly fishing goodness and all of the articles are written by women. Not just women from around the Midwest or even the U.S. Fishing gals from Australia, Argentina and Japan. In Jen's own words, "Dun Magazine is a new rise in fly fishing.  The only online fly fishing magazine edited by women, showcasing articles by women around the world.  We feature their unique fisheries with beautiful photography and interesting articles.  Men, submit your photo today to our 8 inchers page and don't forget to check out our page five guides!" 
Subscribe and keep an eye on this one. 
Dun Magazine

Sep 26

Pebble Mine Support is Winning

In case you have not heard the good news yet, it was announced this past week that Anglo American is backing out of the Pebble Mine project in Alaska. Anglo American is a 50% partner in the project and has already invested $300 million in the project before deciding to bail.
Marshall Cutchin, on MidCurrent, and Ben Anderson (Alaska Dispatch) sum up the details and how round one goes to the little guys (and gals). The Pebble Mine project has been and issue for the last seven years (at least that's how far my brain goes back with it). So this is fantastic news for the people who care about Bristol Bay and the salmon that swim there.
Posted By:  Ian Anderson

Sep 12

October Tackle Trade World

It seems like just yesterday the September issue of Tackle Trade World came out. Just goes to show how fast this industry is changing. Stay up on all the interesting news and trends.
Tackle Trade World, October 2013

Sep 11

Dredging in Key West?

Cruise Ship Silt PlumeWe have many customers who love to get their feet wet in the salty waters and chase bonefish, tarpon and permit on the fly. All three of these species have gained in popularity over the past twenty years and each year more and more people are headed to warm climates looking for them. The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is dedicated to helping preserve the habitats of these saltwater species before they are "on the brink" so they will be around for generations to come.
One of the hot topics that the BTT is dealing with right now has to do with Proposed Dredging in Key West. What is proposed is widening the main channel at Key West to accommodate larger cruise ships. Many folks do not like the idea and many do. As is usually the case economics and business concerns push one way and environmental concerns push another.
Get all the facts on the proposed dredging over at Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. If you are a fisherman or woman that heads to Key West, or just a concerned person, get the facts and throw in your nickels worth. 
Posted By:  Ian Anderson