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Hooks Aren't Scary « Dressed Irons Dressed Irons

Hooks Aren’t Scary

If you are one of the fly tiers who have taken my Beginning Fly Tying class in the last six years than you probably remember me explaining my view on "hiding hooks". If not, here it is.
Some people think black hooks and bronze hooks are the color they are because they "disappear" in the water better and thus the fish do not see them. However, the same companies that make these black/bronze hooks also make hooks in size 32 and/or 34 (pretty tiny). These small hooks are for when fish, more specifically trout, are feeding on very small emerging/hatching insects. My general thoughts are that if a fish can see a insect/food as small as a size 32 hook then they can see the hook in a size 10 Woolly Bugger. 
My view has always been that the fish somehow incorporate the hook as "part" of the food. Or, it at least does not present a threat to them and therefore not something to be concerned with. 
John Merwin wrote a nice article on MidCurrent that lends credence to my theory. However, he has a different slant on it. Possibly because his analogy focuses more on trout fishing and mine on warmwater fishing. In warmwater fishing there is not the usual sort of hatch activity as there is in trout fishing. I do think his view has merit for most types of fishing. It also might explain why fish key in on one pattern but not another that is very similar.
Food for thought.

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