Casting Primer

So I am out casting a rod with a customer the other day. Like most customers, he is looking for some pointers on his cast and how to make it better and easier. I point out a few obvious mistakes like breaking the wrist, not stretching your arm out, opening up your stance and so forth. However, the one thing that took him by surprise was my suggestion that he practice.

"Practice you say, I practice when I fish". He didn't really say that but I have had that response from fisherman before. When you're fishing is the last time to be practicing your casting. You need to be focused on the presentation of your fly, what's happening on the current seams, was that a fish flashing on the bottom, what's coming off the water, etc… If you are focused on your cast to try to make it better you are missing what is going on with the fish.

There are a number of books and DVDs on improving your casting but I am not going to list them here; that is not the point of this post. I ran across a nice small set of videos by Carl McNeil of On The Fly Productions on MidCurrent the other day that talk about the Five Essentials in Fly Casting. These are by no means in depth videos because they are mostly to plug their latest DVD, Casts That Catch Fish [which is a great DVD by the way]. However, they do have some great pointers to help anyone start to improve their cast, if they listen up. Head on over to the videos, take some notes and get out and practice your casting. The next time you're are on the water you will be glad you did.

Casting : Five Essentials

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